What are yours?

People always say to put your goals down in writing, so I figured I’d write down my writing goals too. Actually, I have them written down elsewhere, so I’m not going to repeat them all, but wanted to get an overview out there online.

  1. Twelve short/flash story submissions to ezines or anthologies.
  2. NaNoWriMo won again in November
  3. My novel Hypodermic-V completed
  4. Resurrection Men novella trilogy done
  5. Barend Exposed series – at least 3 books done
  6. Six (long) shorts for self-publishing out there

These overall project goals get divided up into word count goals and progress goals. (I use planning as a procrastination tool. Guilty!) I have spreadsheets to record my daily work on so I know I’m on schedule for my self-imposed deadlines.

What kind of goals do you make for your writing?