Fiction writing has always been something I’ve done in energetic spurts with (too) long breaks in between. Being able to put my passion aside for months or even years at a time when the day-to-day drudgery of life got in the way it’s not something I’m very excited about. It was a bad habit and I’m trying to break at all costs.

I was flipping through my new issue of The Writer magazine this morning and came to a page where some successful authors were stating what works best for them in the self-publishing arena. How to get more people to buy books or how to sell more books the same people. I don’t particularly care which way it is as long as the books get sold. (Sounds particularly hack-ish of me doesn’t? Yes, I do want to be paid for my writing. I want to make a living with my writing.)

Anyway… Two of the people mentioned that paying attention to the quality of the book, editing and cover were all very important to attract customers. The vast majority of intelligent writers understand this, although there are still too many that subscribe to the “stick it on Amazon and they will come” mentality. No one is going to buy dreck with a crap cover. They won’t even find it amid the piles of other books on that and other sites. The third person mentioned something I have read before:

Writing and publishing more books and more stories is the best way to get people interested in your work.

It makes sense. Amazon lists the last 30 days of new publications. If there is a book by you on that list every month more people will see it. If your presentation is good enough and you’re getting positive reviews rather than one star  “this sucks” reviews, it makes sense that people will buy your book. Exposure + interest = sales.

So, my thoughts for this new month of February. Write more, write a lot, keep writing and never quit no matter what life throws at me next.