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Author Archives: M. Lori Motley

World, Universe, Multiverse (blurgh!)

I have a thing for world building. Or, more correctly, I have a thing for universe building. Reality building in a totally unreality kinda way.

I think it’s why I am drawn to writing series and serials more than single …
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Fear is a big part of the horror genre. It’s the point, really.

What it shouldn’t be a big part of is writing. Unfortunately, I think it’s a really big part of a lot of writers’ experiences. It’s a part …
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Who is a Real Writer?

I’m a  member of far too many Facebook groups that are supposed to be about writing. Early on I removed myself from the promotional ones because they were simply annoying. (Dear self-published writers: marketing to other writers who are also …
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Smeerps and Other Fantasy Tropes



I was involved with a discussion on Facebook this morning about using Tolkien style elves, dwarves and other creatures in modern fantasy fiction. I was very happy to find that most of the writers in the group but that …
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