I always have multiple writing projects going at the same time. I like being able to switch back and forth when I get stuck on one. I constantly feel like I’m getting things done as the word counts add up.

With so many projects underway, each one gets done slower than, perhaps, they should. Maybe I should focus on one at a time and get more things completed. Am I being productive or falling prey to the, “Ooh, shiny!” syndrome?

The road to becoming a full-time fiction writer is quite bumpy. It’s a shift in thinking from writing for fun (which I left behind as the sole reason quite a while ago, actually) to producing product. Inspired, creative and entertaining product, but product none-the-less.

If you build wooden decks for a living, could you flit about house to house and build all the stairs one day because you were in a stair kinda mood and then come back in a week and do the railings?


Currently, I’m of the mindset of, “as long as things are getting done, it’s all right.” And things are getting done and submitted.

Hopefully I can show off some new decks to you… I mean published pieces… soon!