I was reading an article on a writer’s site about what readers want from modern horror. They gave a list of 13 things (of course) that people find horrific. Included were such things as dentists and taking tests.  greenmean

Hyperbole much?

It reminds me of a news story a while back in which a shopper made a “horrific, traumatic discovery” of a snail in his bagged salad. The poor man…

Anyway, modern horror, according to this list, no longer has monsters. Vampires and werewolves are much more likely to be found in the pages of romance these days, and monstrous beasts are too 1980’s B-movie cheesy. Right?

Besides the fact that I happen to love b-movie horror and creature features, I disagree about no monsters in horror from a writer’s perspective too. There’s some scary shit that can’t be explained in this world, and more that we can make up too. Urban legends and folklore all have monsters, and they are great bases for modern horror fiction.