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These short stories by M. Lori Motley appear in various magazines and anthologies.

GIVE: An Anthology of Anatomical Entries

M. Lori Motley's short story "This Little Piggy" is published in the GIVE anthology.

Published May 8, 2015 by WtD Books

Tales of organ donation fill this anthology, though not the heart-warming, life-changing medical tales you might imagine. They run the gamut from the touching to the truly horrifying.

"This Little Piggy" is the tale of a hapless and horny teenager who is forced, quite literally, to donate his little toe to the head cheerleader. The story is a tickle that makes you squirm.

AMOK! Short Sharp Shocks

"Sparrow" is M. Lori Motley's contribution to this anthology about people, things and... other things running AMOK!

Published September 2014 by April Moon Books

The stories in this anthology cover a wide variety of interpretations on the theme.

In "Sparrow" a young wizard is drawn toward the city and the source of all magical power through a landscape gone insane. He tries to hold on to his rational mind while every other wizard seems overtaken or undone by uncontrolled spell casting.  A surprising twist of an ending.

Ugly Babies 2

"Bond" is a disturbing tale of the birth of a monster and a literal bond between mother and child.

Published January 2014 by James Ward Kirk Publishing.

The theme of this anthology is deliciously disgusting and not for the faint of heart.

"Bond" tells the birth story of a normal, everyday woman whose infant is anything but, the doctor who is forced to sever the infant physically from the mother, a no-nonsense nurse who knows just what to do and the unconscious husband on the floor.

Elements of the Soul

"Elements of Soul" by Twin Trinity Media

This was the first anthology published in August 2009 from the Accentuate Writer's contests.

M. Lori Motley's short stories "Summer Heat" and "Flood of Tears" are included.

"Elements of Time" Anthology

This is the second Twin Trinity and Accentuate Writer's contest anthology. All stories are based on the past, present and future.

My short stories "Inescapable" and "No Time Like Now" are included.

"Elements of Dimension" Speculative Genre Fiction Anthology

Published in December 2010

This anthology offers science fiction, fantasy and other speculative fiction genre stories.

Included are my humorous poem "Tales of a Suburban Dungeon" and short story "Death Obeyed."

"Elements of Life: Birth, Life and Death" Anthology

All the stages of life are represented in this short story anthology.

Published January 2012 by Twin Trinity Media.

My short story "Reborn" is included.

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