Since I’m taking part in the Write 1 Sub 1 contest this year, I’m trying to stay organized with all the possible submission calls I find interesting. It’s amazing how many you can find, but it’s also rather amazing how many are less than professional. Lots of places want you to give away¬† your writing for free and I’ve even found a few that required you to buy a book after you were published.

Stay away from those. Non-paying markets, I feel, are OK sometimes if they still present themselves well and it doesn’t take too much time or energy coming up with something for the sub call.

For February, I’ve written a short called “Sparrow” for a particular anthology call. Editing today and submitting later. I should say polishing today. I’ve already gone through it a few times.

I have many short stories scheduled to write in the coming months, but I have a problem.

Every short story I start writing gradually morphs into a novel in my mind. This latest tale, “Sparrow” has been mentally developed into a huge tome with specifics I don’t want to know about. It’s a short story, damnit. It’s done and I’m not writing more on it.