Girls these days – and some boys – get a little funny when it comes to exploring their options for young love. The whole zombievampire thing was bad enough.. especially with the sparkles. Vampires don’t sparkle.

Well, there may be some… some ex-glam-rocker with sequined pants and glitter eye makeup, and… well… They’re special cases, ya know?

Now the new hearthrob on the scene – who ironically has no hearth throb of his own – is the undead, zombie, revenant, walking dead, hungry-for-brains thing.

Maybe it’s because girls just want to be seen as more than just a piece of meat. They want to be wanted for their brains.

OK. Horrible, bad joke there.

I haven’t seen the 2013 movie “Warm Bodies” yet. It’s tag line is “He’s still dead, but he’s getting warmer.” I’ll have to check it out sometimes. Perhaps it’s the greatest example of bad-guy turned good-guy in modern theater… but I somehow doubt it.  I read an article once that said people turn to fantasy and horror when the real world is going to hell, and romance makes for the greatest escape at all. Why not combine the two?