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The Purple Wyrm – Vampires

Vampire Woman

Just a head’s up that the Vampire page is currently under construction at The Purple Wyrm.

The Purple Wyrm includes (what will be) an extensive Fantasy Library that (will) cover everything from pretty little fairies to huge fire-breathing dragons to …
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Short Story Busy

Since I’m taking part in the Write 1 Sub 1 contest this year, I’m trying to stay organized with all the possible submission calls I find interesting. It’s amazing how many you can find, but it’s also rather amazing how …
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Won Farah Evers Cover Makeover Contest!

Farah Ever's fabulous cover design for Hypodermic-V.

Farah Evers — incredibly talented book cover designer (and websites, logos, etc.) — recently ran a contest where people could submit their bad book cover designs for a chance to win a remake.

The cover I submitted won first place!

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Don’t Call Me Cougar

Luci Cosway has just released her new paranormal romance:  Don’t Call Me Cougar Book.

It sounds like an intriguing mixture of passionate romance, mystery and suspense. I can’t wait to read it!

Will fill in with a review once I’ve …
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Twist the Season Publication

Come read my story, Blue Christmas, at It’s published as part of their Twist the Season issue.

The crunch of boots on snow was loud in the stillness of the north. Wind whispered across the flat pack ice, blowing …
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