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Category Archives: Fantasy Genre

Smeerps and Other Fantasy Tropes



I was involved with a discussion on Facebook this morning about using Tolkien style elves, dwarves and other creatures in modern fantasy fiction. I was very happy to find that most of the writers in the group but that …
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A Distinct Lack of Fireballs

Classic fantasy is pseudo-medieval, has weird races and magic. Of course fantasy covers a hell of a lot more than that; anything outside of reality can fit in this genre. Fantasy has more subgenres than any other, it seems, if …
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Game of Thrones Noob

The world – at least the bit of world that goes nuts for great fantasy – has been gushing about Game of Thrones for quite a while. I’m late.

Through an unfortunate accident, I lost my GoT books. I am …
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The Undead – and Dead – Lover Boy


Girls these days – and some boys – get a little funny when it comes to exploring their options for young love. The whole vampire thing was bad enough.. especially with the sparkles. Vampires don’t sparkle.

Well, there may be …
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