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The Purple Wyrm – Vampires

Vampire Woman

Just a head’s up that the Vampire page is currently under construction at The Purple Wyrm.

The Purple Wyrm includes (what will be) an extensive Fantasy Library that (will) cover everything from pretty little fairies to huge fire-breathing dragons to …
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World, Universe, Multiverse (blurgh!)

I have a thing for world building. Or, more correctly, I have a thing for universe building. Reality building in a totally unreality kinda way.

I think it’s why I am drawn to writing series and serials more than single …
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Fear is a big part of the horror genre. It’s the point, really.

What it shouldn’t be a big part of is writing. Unfortunately, I think it’s a really big part of a lot of writers’ experiences. It’s a part …
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Who is a Real Writer?

I’m a  member of far too many Facebook groups that are supposed to be about writing. Early on I removed myself from the promotional ones because they were simply annoying. (Dear self-published writers: marketing to other writers who are also …
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