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Category Archives: World Building

World, Universe, Multiverse (blurgh!)

I have a thing for world building. Or, more correctly, I have a thing for universe building. Reality building in a totally unreality kinda way.

I think it’s why I am drawn to writing series and serials more than single …
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Writing Tips for Creating a Fictional World

Creating fictional worlds can be one of the most enjoyable parts of writing. Done most often in fantasy and science fiction genres, it is also necessary in mainstream fiction. Many writers create believable, a realistic worlds based on areas they …
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Fantasy World Building – Religion

Including religion in your fantasy world building is a challenge.  The challenge, to the creative fiction writer, is not necessarily coming up with names of imaginary gods and what type of religious laws they have for their followers.  Services, traditions …
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The World Building Trap

World building is an important and really, really fun part of writing fantasy and science fiction novels.

Of course, since fantasy and sci fi occur in worlds that do not actually exist, you need to world build in order to …
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