It happened in Paris about a week ago. Sixth-grade students finishing up their school year were treated to a movie by their teacher. This isn’t outside the realm of normality. I remember getting to watch some thrilling films as, “The Canterville Ghost” and “The Gods Must be Crazy” when I was in school.

The choice of movie in this story is the trouble, and this trouble got the teacher, Jean-Baptiste Clément, suspended for one day. Me? I would’ve fired him the moment I knew what he showed these 10-11 year olds.

“Saw.” saw

First of all, it’s rated R, which means the kids need parental guidance to see the movie if they are under 17.

Second of all, it’s the most psychologically screwed up example of torture porn ever. The great-grandaddy of torture porn. The spark that lit the fire for too many horrific movies that feature mind games, graphic dismemberment and stuff that would make the average person either faint or puke.

I’m not a fan of torture porn myself. I think there are much better ways to horrify people. Gore for gore’s sake is often a cheap shot in story-telling. But, I have no problem with the movie being produced and viewed by consenting adults.

Eleven-year-olds in school? No way in hell should they be shown that there.