Farah Evers — incredibly talented book cover designer (and websites, logos, etc.) — recently ran a contest where people could submit their bad book cover designs for a chance to win a remake.

Farah Ever's fabulous cover design for Hypodermic-V.

Farah Ever’s fabulous cover design for Hypodermic-V.

The cover I submitted won first place!

I’m absolutely thrilled, even though that means that my cover really sucked. I knew it sucked, so that’s some consolation.

You can see the results of the contest here — Cover Makeover Contest

The cover I entered is for my vampire novel that is nowhere near complete. It’s on the back burner while I work on my novella series and some other projects bopping around my life right now.

I am so very, very happy to have an awesome cover for my book when it is done though!

The other two winners were Derek Odom‘s cover for his book “The Unearthing” and Sevastian Winter’s “How I Are Becomed a Very Much Gooder Author.” Derek Odom writes excellent macabre and horror stories, so check him out if that’s your thing.