I have a thing for world building. Or, more correctly, I have a thing for universe building. Reality building in a totally unreality kinda way.

I think it’s why I am drawn to writing series and serials more than single books or, if I do write standalone books, I always want to write more.

There are tons of resources on the internet about building worlds for fantasy and science fiction, so I’m not going to really get into that here. Basic rules? The worlds have to make sense for the character that live in them in some way. For example, you can’t have aquatic humanoids living on a desert planet… ’cause there’s no aquatic-ness for them to live in. If they ARE living there, you need a reason and a way for them to cope. Super-duty humidifiers, moisturizing cream.

Building a universe – a reality – is fun. Maybe it’s a ‘feeling like a god’ thing. I mean, I create characters (At least I think I do… I’m still not 100% sure if they exist before they say, “howdy” in the back of my mind or not.) and put them in situations in worlds I also create (Again, maybe.) and toy with them for a while before abandoning them to their own devices again.

(Sudden flash of a book called “The Fabulous Riverboat” in which everyone who ever lived ended up on a boat or island or something. Heaven? Not sure. What if every book character who has ever “lived” ended up in the same place. Dracula luring Christopher Robin into some dank sewer culvert while Capt. Ahab floated past in a rubber dinghy.)

I don’t like the word multiverse, by the way.

Uni means one, singular. Therefore, there aren’t any more. To me, the universe is the ONE thing encompassing EVERYTHING that possibly is. What people consider multiple universes I see just as different parts of the one universe. 42.

I’ve lost track of time.